PFM’s – Single Unit PFM Crown $49 (base alloy)

  • Today’s Values at Yesterday’s Prices
  • PFM crowns strike the perfect balance between the strength of a full-cast crown and the esthetics of an all ceramic. A-Crown, LCC fabricates our PFMs with incredible precision and detail-oriented accuracy, creating a well-fitting substructure with a wonderfully esthetic porcelain overlay.

IPS e.max® Press

  • For the ultimate all-ceramic press technique, A-Crown offers IPS Empress®. Empress restorations mimic natural, life-like beauty because of its homogenous, leucite-based ceramic. A versatile system for many of the most popular restorations, Empress will enable you to deliver to your patients a smile full of strength, function and beauty.
  • The lithium disilicate blocks of IPS e.max® are composed of a unique crystalline structure, giving this material its unbelievable esthetics and monolithic strength. In mouth-motion durability studies, IPS e.max tested nearly three times stronger than veneered zirconium oxide. At A-Crown Dental Laboratory, we press IPS e.max so that it fulfills its flexural-strength potential at 400 MPa.


  • ACrown’s Full Contour Zirconia offers a metal-free solution to esthetics and strength!