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Fixed Prosthetics

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PFM Crown

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IPS e.max® Press

For the ultimate all-ceramic press technique, A-Crown offers IPS Empress®. Empress restorations mimic natural, life-like beauty because of its homogenous, leucite-based ceramic. A versatile system for many of the most popular restorations, Empress will enable you to deliver to your patients a smile full of strength, function and beauty....

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ACrown’s Full Contour Zirconia offers a metal-free solution to esthetics and strength!...

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Removable Prosthetics

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Custom Trays

A-Crown’s custom trays allow for uniform thickness of impression material. This is not only beneficial for pouring models, but also when making a fixed partial denture. Our custom trays will also help you achieve a more accurate abutment distance....

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Flexite® is a lightweight, flexible cast thermoplastic that yields highly-esthetic and comfortable partials. Virtually unbreakable, Flexite® partials possess high tensile and flexural strength. They have no metallic taste and are resistant to stains, moisture absorption and chemical breakdown.

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Acrylic Flipper

When your patient needs a functional acrylic partial denture, York Dental/Cerama Laboratory is there for you. New teeth and a new denture base can easily be added to our acrylic partials in case they are needed for a more permanent time period....

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Hyb. Cast Flexible Partial

A-Crown’s Hybrid Cast Flexible Partial offers the stability of a cast partial while still providing the esthetics of a flexible partial...

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Cast partial complete

A-Crown’s Premium Cast Partial consists of a cast metal framework, heat cured acrylic tissue base and high quality denture teeth. Premium Cast Partials are durable, offer excellent fit and retention, and can be made with minimal thickness to keep the appliance as lightweight as possible.....

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A-Crown’s Complete Premium Dentures are fabricated with the heat-cured, high impact acrylics for a precision fit. The dentures can be fabricated using any type of teeth including: Trubyte Classic® TruExpression®, Bioblend® and Bioform®. A Complete Premium Denture includes a wax set up, any resets needed and processing....

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Athletic Sportsguard

Parodontitis is inflammation of basic dental apparatus caused by...

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Bite Rims

Give your athletic patients a professionally made mouthguard that won’t get in the way of their performance. Pro-form mouthguards offer the highest possible protection for athletes while promoting normal speech and breathing abilities....

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Thermacryl lining offers strength while adjusting to changing dentition...

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