BIO 2000
BIO 2000®
  • GOLDTECH BIO 2000® can turn your restorations into solid gold. BIO 2000 is a 99.7% gold high-noble alloy designed for outstanding biocompatibility. Because it is palladium-free and can be cast to 0.2 mm, BIO 2000 offers unparalleled shade fidelity. With the reliability and precision of a cast alloy, and its ability to be used with high and low-fusing porcelains, BIO 2000 ensures dependability and versatility.
  • Captek is composed of pure noble metals, which do not react with the surroundings and do not form oxides. This is the only metal coping for PFMs that has no oxide formation!
ZR Picasso Screw
IPS e.max® Press
  • For the ultimate all-ceramic press technique, York Dental Laboratory offers IPS Empress®. Empress restorations mimic natural, life-like beauty because of its homogenous, leucite-based ceramic. A versatile system for many of the most popular restorations, Empress will enable you to deliver to your patients a smile full of strength, function and beauty.

  • The lithium disilicate blocks of IPS e.max® are composed of a unique crystalline structure, giving this material its unbelievable esthetics and monolithic strength. In mouth-motion durability studies, IPS e.max tested nearly three times stronger than veneered zirconium oxide. At York Dental Laboratory, we press IPS e.max so that it fulfills its flexural-strength potential at 400 MPa.
Conventional PFMs
Conventional PFMs
  • PFM crowns strike the perfect balance between the strength of a full-cast crown and the esthetics of an all ceramic. York Dental Laboratory fabricates our PFMs with incredible precision and detail-oriented accuracy, creating a well-fitting substructure with a wonderfully esthetic porcelain overlay.
Full Cast Alloy
Full Cast Alloy
  • The standard of dentistry is still around that we compliment with type 2, 3 or 4 gold.
Porcelain Alloy
  • York Dental Laboratory has a variety of alloys available when not choosing a metal-free restoration.
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